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There are a number of different options to choose when you want to practice for your IELTS test online. I picked this IELTS Express course because it’s convenient to use as it is a high-quality course created by IELTS professionals. You can do tests online and track your progress via receiving regular progress status reports to see how far you are and how much you still need to study. IELTS Express helped me to achieve the results I wanted for my test. It is an all in one solution to study English. The Career Wise English team are very friendly and they know how to help you out.

Kiara, Singapore

I can’t recommend Career Wise English enough. The content is unlimited and prepares you well for the exam. I chose the IELTS Express course because my time was limited and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The modules are so easy to use! Due to this course my results were very good. The test tips really helped a lot and I’m ready to start using my new and improved English!

Stephanie, East Java

Career Wise English is a leading online IELTS preparation product carefully designed and developed, using best-practice standards in teaching and IELTS test preparation.
I needed to prepare for the IELTS test so I chose to use IELTS Express. Studying for the IELTS test involves more than just reading and writing so the course teaches you about the exam format and how to approach various question types. The course provides guidance on how to prepare prior to the test and outlines strategies that will boost your confidence in employment opportunities including interviews.
I highly recommend this IELTS Express course to all those who want to improve speaking or their own score on the IELTS test.

Iliana, Jakarta

I was always struggling with writing tasks but after registering in the IELTS Express course, I have overcome this challenge. The course is very valuable, well-structured and very informative. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve an excellent IELTS result.

Amel, Saudi Arabia

IELTS Express course is intuitive, fun, detailed and explains things thoroughly, but best of all, the course really helped me to achieve my personal goals. Using this course has helped me feel more confident about my English skills. I also learnt how to apply studying strategies. I am truly satisfied with IELTS Express and recommend it to anyone who would like to improve their English skills.

Tamara, Jakarta

I was looking for a study solution which brought me to Career Wise English. I decided to try their IELTS Express course. The course gave me intensive lessons with many interactive activities.
I completed all the practice mock tests for Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading.
The course is amazing. The course will prepare you thoroughly for the exam and explains all the study strategies and tips that you’ll need. This course is valuable and I will be recommending this all of my friends.

Peter, Singapore

I chose the IELTS Express course because it looked very comprehensive and I needed the flexibility of studying at my own pace. 
The course is really well designed and easy to use. The four modules are clear and helped me understand what the exam was going to be like. It also assisted me with improving my grammar which was my weakest point.
Thanks to the course, I successfully passed the exam and more importantly, I feel more confident about my English skills. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to improve!

Charlotte, Surabaya

I was very poor in my English and always hesitated to speak. I would like to thank Career Wise English for their hard work to make me a different person today. IELTS Express helped me with high quality notes and tips which are very convenient to use. The course also includes practice tests inside IELTS Express and this helped me to achieve my targeted IELTS Score. I personally recommend to those who want to improve their English as IELTS Express is actually a course where your money will be valued. So thanks to the Career Wise English team and to IELTS Express for the changes in my life.

Sik, Jakarta

As someone who is quite time sensitive, I am glad to have chosen the IELTS Express course. The content in the course is very structured and easy to access. The course and practise Mock Tests prepared me for my exam, and with this help, I achieved a good score. I highly recommend this course to everyone as it is also good value for money.

Marc, Bali

I would like to thank Career Wise English. The course helped me achieve the IELTS score I wanted. Their courses are really detailed and the practice tests inside the course helped me prepare for the exam. IELTS Express was a great investment for my learning.

Andrea, Denpasar

IELTS Express is a game changer! It provides you with everything you need to know about the IELTS exam.
It gave me a confidence boost like never before!
Career Wise English is a good resource and I have improved my English skills thoroughly. I plan to take the IELTS exam and will continue to use this preparation course.

Freddie, Sydney

I have never used such a wonderful course. There are four Modules and they have allowed me to know and learn more. Particularly, in the writing Module, it was useful to see examples of essays. In the Speaking Module it was useful to see the progression of the whole interview and being able to hear the interview as well as view the Transcript simultaneously, was very helpful. The “Language Focus” section helped me to refresh and improve my knowledge of Grammar. I highly recommend this IELTS Express course for people who would like to improve their own score on the IELTS test and their General English also.

Svetlana, Russia

This course gave very useful tips about different types of questions and examiners expectations. The course and the practise Mock Tests were fantastic to learn from. As a result, I improved my reading from 6 to 7 and speaking as well.

Robert, Poland